Top Five Reasons to Buy PhenQ from their official Website

While customers are flocking to buy PhenQ and are overjoyed with the product, they aren’t always thrilled with the buying process.
For most of these customers, rather than purchase from the official website, they turned to more main-stream suppliers such as eBay and Amazon.
While these popular sites are great for some things, they are not the best option for purchasing PhenQ. Listed below are five reasons why you should skip the popular sites and instead purchase your supply of PhenQ directly from an official website:
1. You Get What You Pay For
When you purchase PhenQ, you want to buy the actual product – sadly, there are many fakes who are anxious to crank out low-quality imitations. These knock-offs can be hard to spot because they use almost identical packaging and wording for their descriptions.
If you opt to make your PhenQ purchase through a third-party site, there is no way to guarantee that you are getting what you pay for. The only way to be confident that you are receiving the PhenQ that is completely genuine, full of benefits, and certified by the company is to purchase from the official website.

2. You Won’t Get Out-Dated Products
When you make a purchase from a third-party, you can never be sure about the date of the product. Obviously, you don’t want to buy PhenQ if it’s ten or twenty years old! To make sure that you receive the best product that will help you the most, you need to have fresh PhenQ.

When you purchase from the website, you know that the product is fresh and will provide the best results!

3. Shipping is Free and Won’t Make You Wait!
Sites like Amazon offer free shipping – but that often comes only if you sign up for an expensive subscription. If you order from PhenQ’s official website, you can receive you product with no cost shipping to any country.

Not only is the shipping free, but it is also fast! Ordering from PhenQ guarantees that your product is shipped out within 24-48 hours, getting it to you quickly so you can start using it soon!

4. There is a Money-Back Guarantee
Buying a new product can be scary and, if you have no experience with PhenQ, it can be difficult to make the purchase. If you aren’t satisfied with PhenQ, sites like eBay give you around 14 days to try and then return the product – and that comes along with paying high shipping and restocking fees.

But, if you make your purchase from the company website, you have a full 60 days to get a total refund – all you have to pay is shipping.

5. The Lowest Prices Available on the Website
As a smart shopper, you probably believe in shopping around and comparing prices. While eBay may seem like it’s somewhat cheaper, if you’re buying more than one bottle, purchasing from the company is actually less!

PhenQ gives discounts such as buy two bottles get one free and buy three get two free. To best serve their customers, PhenQ also offers discounts during the holidays.


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